IP Rights: Traditional Knowledge, Biodiversity, green technology transfer, genetic resources

Chaco Indians (children and adolescents attending rural schools): 100 children (there was not much money)

a) Water completely contaminated by minerals and bacteria. Indigenous malnourished and sick.
b) Lack of electricity (the case in many parts of Latin America) by isolation (jungle, mountains, etc.).

Different types of solar panels installed on the roofs of schools or near them.

a) Extraction of water to clean food, bathing, watering place for animals, etc. (Without altering the traditional culture)

b) Purification of various processes mediente contaminated water into drinking water until

c) Heating of the school in winter (cold end)

d) Cooling of the school in summer (heat)

e) Solar Refrigerator: To keep cold foods, vaccines and drugs.

h) solar furnace: To cook food without cost.

i) Electricity: Basically for lighting at night school.

j) Education

j) 1. Create a field school ateria (6 months): «Ecology», which taught the «TK» of indigenous peoples and the close relationship with the «Green Technology Transfer.» Without changing its culture.

j) 2. Training for adult Indians own (tribal leaders) for the maintenance of the mechanisms of solar energy. And (just in case) they are controlled by satellite.