Consumidor: ¿Por qué esta marca y no otra?

On octubre 18, 2010, in Branding, Marcas, Propiedad Industrial, by Claudio Iglesias Darriba

Una somera descripción de cómo influyen los “grupos de referencia” del consumidor en la elección de una determinada marca

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Well-known Trade Marks

On octubre 8, 2010, in Industrial Property, Marks, by Claudio Iglesias Darriba

A few words about well-known TMs

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What is “Trade Dress”?

On septiembre 16, 2010, in Branding, Industrial Property, Marks, by IPIBA

The “Trade Dress” is a legal term that has evolved quickly. In Argentina, it can be registered as a TM. Its main function is to protect the rights of consumers against products or services presented in a similar manner.

Trade Dress is the non-functional physical detail and design of a product or its packaging, which indicates or identifies the product’s source and distinguishes it from the products of others.

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Brands, Reference Groups & Belonging Groups

On septiembre 13, 2010, in Branding, Industrial Property, by IPIBA

How a brand satisfies the human need to belong to a certain group.

Why choose a particular brand?

On agosto 31, 2010, in Branding, Industrial Property, Marks, by Claudio Iglesias Darriba

Why “that” brand? Consumer preferences. The impulse to join certain “reference groups”. The socio-cultural circumstances

 Basically because the consumer considers that there is an (economic) “added value” that the brand provides to his “role” within the group to which he belongs (“belonging group”).  The choice of that especial brand generates in the consumer the feeling that he becomes part of a different social group to which he aspires to belong. This second group (called “reference group“) is the source form which the consumer takes attitudes, behaviors, styles, trends, lifestyles and relationship ways.

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