Brands, Reference Groups & Belonging Groups

On septiembre 13, 2010, in Branding, Industrial Property, by IPIBA

How a brand satisfies the human need to belong to a certain group.

Marcas. Su función social

On septiembre 2, 2010, in Marcas, Propiedad Industrial, by Claudio Iglesias Darriba

Más allá de la función social propia de las marcas colectivas, ha de reconocerse la función social que han adquirido todas las marcas en la última década.

Desde siempre las marcas cumplen una función económica o comercial. Su finalidad es agregar valor a los productos o servicios mediante la “diferenciación” o “distinción”. Por eso la marca es definida como un “signo” que diferencia unos productos y servicios de otros.

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Why choose a particular brand?

On agosto 31, 2010, in Branding, Industrial Property, Marks, by Claudio Iglesias Darriba

Why “that” brand? Consumer preferences. The impulse to join certain “reference groups”. The socio-cultural circumstances

 Basically because the consumer considers that there is an (economic) “added value” that the brand provides to his “role” within the group to which he belongs (“belonging group”).  The choice of that especial brand generates in the consumer the feeling that he becomes part of a different social group to which he aspires to belong. This second group (called “reference group“) is the source form which the consumer takes attitudes, behaviors, styles, trends, lifestyles and relationship ways.

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Main Features of Collective Marks in Argentina

On agosto 16, 2010, in Branding, Collective Marks, Industrial Property, Marcas, Marcas Colectivas, Marks, by Claudio Iglesias Darriba

A few more words about collective marks in Argentina.

Argentina’s Collective Mark is a new legal institution, not related to classic TMs, and created with the aim of using IP benefits for the development of the most vulnerable social sectors.

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